Diane Hodson and Jasmine Luoma, directors of the documentary short “unmappable,” pictured here at NOFF 2014, after winning the Programmer’s Award for Artistic Vision.

The NOFF 2014 selection “unmappable” is an award-winning documentary short from the filmmaking team of Diane Hodson and Jasmine Luoma. After a successful festival run, it’s now available to screen online for free. Hodson and Luoma recently spoke with us about their journey on the festival circuit and how their film received some crucial, early support from NOFF. Check out their film on Vimeo and see their dispatch below.

The New Orleans Film Festival has been instrumental in the life of our short film “unmappable,” as well as in our careers as emerging documentary filmmakers. In 2013 we visited the festival for the first time where we pitched the film in the Pitch Perfect competition and took home the win. The process of preparing for the pitch early in the production of the film helped us hone our story as well as visual approach. We also, surprisingly enough, got the name for the film from a member of the pitch competition audience!

In 2014, we were fortunate enough to return to New Orleans for the world premiere of “unmappable,” and we were honored to take home the Programmer’s Award for Artistic Vision. NOFF proved hard to live up to as we began the film circuit. How can you compete with a festival that provides filmmakers with late nights of karaoke, bowling, crawfish Bloody Marys, and is all set against the backdrop of the Big Easy?

“unmappable” went on to screen across the globe at various festivals including at SXSW, the Hamptons International Film Festival, Ashland Film Festival and Guanajuato International Film Festival. Since its premiere and win at NOFF, “unmappable” has garnered numerous other awards, including Best Documentary Short at Florida Film Festival, Oak Cliff Film Festival and Victoria TX Independent Film Festival, as well as the Young Grit Award from Indie Grits Film Festival.

“The community that festivals like NOFF fosters is truly amazing and enriching.” —Diane Hodson and Jasmine Luoma, NOFF Alum

We have connected with filmmakers all over the world, many of whom we have stayed in close contact with. Whether it be collaborating on new projects, crashing at each other’s places or sharing advice and stories, the community that festivals like NOFF fosters is truly amazing and enriching. —Jasmine and Diane

Special thanks to ongoing Pitch Perfect sponsor Film Production Capital for funding the $1000 cash prize and to Entertainment Partners for donating the Movie Magic Software that “unmappable” received for winning the best documentary pitch in 2013.