In 2013, New Orleans filmmaker Brennan Peters received the Best Louisiana Feature prize at the New Orleans Film Festival. Her prize was a camera package from Panavision valued at $10,000.

Though she spent the last several years pursuing film in Los Angeles, Brennan recently returned to New Orleans to shoot a film and take advantage of her Panavision award. She shared the following post from her most recent filmmaking endeavor.

I used the Panavision grant to shoot a short film I wrote titled “L’Immigrant,” a story about a lonely Haitian immigrant woman who forms an unlikely bond with her coworker. As someone who’s only ever had the financial means to shoot really run-and-gun projects, the resources supplied with Panavision’s very generous support—an ARRI Alexa, Bausch and Lomb Super Baltar lenses and every accessory we could possibly want or need—was both a tremendous privilege and an important step in my development as an artist. We’re still in post-production, but so far, I couldn’t be more pleased with how this film looks.

“I’m really excited to continue working in a city I love and call home.” — Brennan Peters, NOFF Alum

It was also an amazing experience to take some of the skills and knowledge I’ve acquired during my time at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles and apply them toward my process back home in New Orleans. For this project, the only crew member I brought from Los Angeles was my cinematographer, Marianne Williams; my producers and everyone else involved with the production, including the cast, were local. I’m really excited to continue working in a city I love and call home and hope to bring larger independent projects home to New Orleans in the future, continuing to employ as many local keys, department heads and crew as possible and cast as much local talent as I can find.